Peace of mind

We help you achieve your investing goals and put you one step closer to freedom, offering the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

The bottom line

We optimize operational costs to maximize the bottom line. We work with an extensive network of service providers to care for our network of 40+ properties, bulk discounts and established relationships flow through to you.

Premier status

Our premier status on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO makes your property more desirable and our unparalleled service means return customers often book directly through our platform, eliminating the fees these online booking services can charge you .

Are you ready to Earn More and Worry Less?

Let us know and we'll give you a call, what have you got to lose


The members were fantastic extremely polite and friendly, Marissa was a doll to deal with in every conversation, Richard stopped by to say hello with a delicious Pie that the kids loved, Overall Fantastic Service and we are looking forward to our next vacation with Newman Hospitality.



The property owner was also very helpful and made sure our stay was special and memorable. We will definitely recommend Newman Hospitality to others and use them again for future trips.

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Newman Hospitality

Vacation rental management is no vacation.  

Earn more with less trouble.

Our difference

We started Newman Hospitality because as property-owners ourselves, we know how to manage your property

We are local and personal

We aren't a nationwide corporation prioritizing investors over our property owners. We are locally based and locally focused. 

We save you time

Vacation rentals are 4AM phone calls and daily issues, we don't believe that is something owners should worry about. 

We put money in your pocket

Leveraging our status on various platforms, direct bookings, listing quality, and overall customer service. We drive real growth.

Earn More. Worry Less.

We started Newman Hospitality because by managing our own properties we learned that owning and operating a vacation rental is no vacation. The late night phone calls, challenge of landing bookings, and day to day issues along with hidden costs were not what we expected. We realized that to truly succeed in this market we needed the quality, consistency, and infrastructure that comes with a network of homes.

There is much more to vacation rentals than listing the house, we have what it takes to keep customers and neighbors happy.

We have tools and infrastructure

We are local and personal

As South Floridians we know what it takes to manage your property and we're always around the corner. Being local means alot of things, but together they all mean better service. 

Let's grab a coffee

Our offices aren't in another state, they are down the street. We are always available in ways other manager are not.

We know the area

When a visitor has questions, we know the area and we have the answers. Local knowledge means increased visitor satisfaction.

We know whats happening

We know when an event is in town or when demand is high and we know to adjust prices to drive maximum revenue. 

We know our employees

Managing a rental takes people from cleaners to electricians, we personally vet anyone who will set foot in your home.

We are always close

When something needs to be fixed, we can fix it fast. This transforms a review about a broken TV into one about quick service.

We are personal

Being local means we can be personal in a way other managers can't be. We will get to know you and your property.

Time commitment

We spend countless hours a week working on pricing to maximize revenues, helping guests, resolving maintenance issues, coordinating cleaners, preparing monthly statements; to this right requires time and team effort.



Keep your Sundays

Our process leaves you free to focus on what's important to you instead of spending Sunday morning providing a WiFi router tutorial to every new guest.


Always on call

We are always on call so you don't need to be. No 4AM calls, actually no calls, unless you want to talk to us.

Managing a vacation rental is a time consuming endeavor

We're the 24 hour concierge so you don't need to be

We make sure your neighbors love you and your guests

Our expertise means more money in your pocket

We save you time

You didn't start doing this to end up with another full time job. Most of our clients choose vacation rentals as an investment or an income source for retirement, with the goal of being passive.

What does this all mean for you

Imagine you're having a relaxed Friday night at home or enjoying dinner out with friends at the end of a long week. The phone rings, it's the guest staying in your rental. They're locked out and the WiFi is down so you can't open the door remotely from your smartphone. You turn off the movie you were enjoying or say goodbye to your friends and hop in the car to fix the issue.

Alternatively, you hired us to do our thing. We were on call, solved the problem, and your Friday night remained as it should: unencumbered

We put money in your pocket

Clone Success: because we have experience managing properties all over South Florida, we can help you decide where to buy for the best investment return. It's simple, we clone success and take you to the areas that are getting the best results for our investors. 

Tools cost money

We use a number of tools for noise control, dynamic pricing, booking, management, customer service and more. For a single property, the same tools would cost $2,000 each month. 



People cost money

A vacation rental still needs people, it needs cleaners, handymen, contractors, electricians, and more. Our scale gets us better rates and lower costs.


Trust but verify

We provide easy to understand reporting on your bookings and income. We also use Trust Accounting to ensure your rental income is not commingled with our operating account. Wondering if your home was really empty that day? Just ask us for a third party noise report to verify.

But managers charge fees

Yes we do, we are a business after all and need to keep the lights on. You're already paying fees though, in the form of time and money.  On average, our owners earn more from their properties after our fee than they did managing the property themselves with no management expense

One check or a dozen?

At the end of the day, working with the right management partner doesn't mean someone is taking a cut and your losing money. It means instead of writing a dozen checks a week it means getting one in the mail, leaving you to focus on what matters to you. 

Vacation rentals are like any other business, scale brings savings. We are able to utilize economies of scale to manage your property efficiently. Pair that with our experience and reputation increasing your bookings and it means you're earning more while worrying less.

Happy neighbors

Whether you bought a property explicitly for short-term rental or want to earn income on a second home while you are away, happy neighbors are vital.

Worried Associations

Full time residents often dread short-term rentals in their community. Negative past experiences color their perception and pose a challenge for a clever real-estate investor, like yourself.

Guest Vetting

We keep communities happy through an in-depth guest vetting process and rapid conflict resolution. This means you won't have to worry about an angry HOA preventing you from earning on your investment.

And neighbors love us

One of the biggest risks for short-term rentals is unhappy neighbors. It only takes a few loud parties or broken rules for an HOA to kill your cash cow.

It's not just renting, either

Many managers just manage rental and maintenance, we don't think that enough.

We can help you buy

We are realtors that specialize in short term rental properties. We provide expected returns for any property we recommend based on our experience.


We can complete all renovations at the time of purchase or we can design a plan that allows you to renovate using the income from your rentals.


We don't sell homes. We sell pictures of your home! Pictures that must work well sell well. We buy outstanding curated photography.

Master leases

It's not just about buying anymore, we can also work to negotiate vacation rental friendly leases


New property? Don't even worry about furnishing, we can handle it for you

Liability and insurance

It's complicated, but we've done it hundreds of times and can save you the trouble of processing damage claims and we make sure you have adequate liability coverage.

Richard Newman

Richard Newman is an outdoor enthusiast, spending most of his free time mountain biking, kiteboarding,  or leading extended expeditions in the backcountry of Alaska and Northern Canada. Richard Graduated from Florida International University with a Degree in Political Science and International Relations. Richard was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to start working with Newman Hospitality from the ground level. Beginning as a house cleaner, Richard gained an appreciation for the work and the intricacies of the business. Now, as head of the operations, including maintenance, Client relations, and guest resolutions. Richard is currently working on improving workflow within the company and setting up new teams in newly established areas. 

Andy Newman

After 28 years as a portfolio manager, Andy discovered and fell in love with the Sharing Economy and the model proposed by Airbnb. Initially, he started hosting for friends and family and after a successful 18-month experiment he decided to launch Newman Hospitality. He quickly discovered while sharing this opportunity with his portfolio investment clients that they were attracted to the business model as well. With low yields in bonds and stocks experiencing the longest bull market in history, high-income short term rental opportunities seemed like logical diversification.
Aside from the investment theme, Andy loves building a business, creating processes and growing a family oriented team.

Financial Background

You want higher returns without having to manage a business or depend exclusively. Andy helps you select properties that have high income and appreciation potential.

Investment Minded

Andy will help you find the sweet spot between protecting your home reaching your income goals. 

Who is Newman Hospitality